Welcome to my stupid, crazy world

There’s no such thing as pomp and circumstance to my life. Except maybe when I was born. Who knows? I wasn’t there. Well, I was but you know what I mean.

I’d like to say to everyone I meet, welcome to my stupid, crazy world that I wouldn’t have any other way. I choose not to say that for several reasons. One, it sounds somewhat self deprecating, something that doesn’t fit with my personality. Two, I don’t want to be a walking, talking advertisement on how much my life sucks. And finally, three, I recognize that other people are struggling too. #DianeNguyen “Why am I so special?”

It bears mentioning that my life doesn’t suck. Aspects of it does, but who can say that no part of their life sucks? Let me know if you find someone who can because I would like to meet that person and learn their secrets. Hey, maybe they exist; I’ve been wrong before.

All that being said, I have had some seriously stressful, painful experiences, some occurred completely out of my control; others existed for reasons I can’t truthfully blame on anyone but myself. And having lived now for a quarter of a decade, I consider myself very fortunate to have made the decision to reflect on my past as much as I have.

Some of these reflections have been brewing inside me for years. Some have only recently been shared with others but I want to share them for the world to see. Not because I’m sort of guru but because I want to remind others that they’re not alone. They are unique and no one can truly understand your struggles, even if they’ve experienced the same exact thing, unless they’re you, because everyone is so amazingly unique.

So, this is my stomping grounds, where I’m going to pour my heart and soul out into little pools of refreshing water that I hope will find their way to any individual who needs encouragement, hope or just a reminder that they are beautiful and worthy of love, acceptance and understanding.

Welcome to my stupid, crazy, wonderful world.

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