Princess Carolyn, do I have a purpose?

Todd: Princess Carolyn, do I have a purpose?

Princess Carolyn: Oh, purpose? Are you high?

Todd: Only the normal amount.

“Chickens”. Bojack Horseman. Writ. Raphael Bob-Waksberg. Tornante Television, 2015. Netflix.

Oftentimes, I think about my purpose in life. Is it to make lots of money and buy a nice, big house one day? Is it to have a family and become a parent? Is it to help others and do good for the world? Is it to find my dream job? Is it to eat healthy and exercise until I’m eighty? Is it to find fulfillment in my life in general?

Maybe it can be all of those things, except maybe for the eating healthy, I’m always going to indulge in chocolate or my sugar rich coffee creamers once in a while (all the time).

My point in bringing this up is because we’re all looking for some sort of purpose in life, some more than others. This search may intensify as we grow older. I, for my part and my astounding quarter of a century on earth, haven’t exactly always been concerned with this as a whole. However, I do often ponder this in relation to the endeavors I undertake. For example, this blog.

I’ve been blogging since I was about fifteen or sixteen. I’ve started and deleted quite a few blogs. I’ve been writing even earlier than that, probably around nine or ten years old. I wrote my first book, more of a novella, at eleven. It has since been lost to the annals of disorganization on my kid part. I’ve always had a passion for writing. Growing up I was told I was a good writer. Maybe I was. I don’t have much writing from before I was fifteen to really compare my current writing to. Whether I possessed a natural affinity for writing or not, I enjoyed it immensely. I was at first encouraged to write in order to turn it into a career. This didn’t work out, clearly. I actually grew to dislike writing after a while because I realized I didn’t enjoy doing it because of its potential earn me greenbacks. I enjoyed it for the simple joy of doing it.

For a few years, I did write with the sole purpose of trying to monetize my writings. After a while, my passion for writing fizzled and I gave up on my blogs and on my attempts to find writing jobs. I realized I wasn’t happy if the only reason I was writing was to monetize it. My mother works currently writing for a living. Her work isn’t creative writing though, mostly it’s content editing for companies and technical writing for clients in various industries. This isn’t something I don’t think I could ever enjoy doing. I’ve done a lot of technical writing over the past six years earning my bachelor’s degree and I know when I eventually buckle down and start on my master’s I’ll be doing even more. I do enjoy technical writing but in an academic setting it serves the purpose of demonstrating a strong understanding of concepts and principles learned. I can get behind that kind of writing. What I can’t get behind is writing simply to earn money. I’ve written many books, over twenty to be exact, many of which were never and may never be published. The ones that were have since been out of print due to my pulling them out because of some editing errors that I just never felt like correcting.

This is not to say that I will never produce writing that may earn money. I just don’t want that to be my sole focus. I enjoy writing just because. I enjoy writing because it gives me an outlet, to decompress, to share my thoughts with others.

Now, back to my blogging failures. I’ve tried many times and failed to maintain a blog successfully. I often gave up because I got bored or decided I didn’t know what to write about.

Finally, I know what I want to write about. I want to write about myself. There’s a plethora of content there. Not because I’m amazing (I am) but because I have had many experiences and will continue to have many more. But this is more like a journey, sharing the good and the bad, not so much showcasing me but focusing more on what I’ve learned and how it has made me a better person.

This is going to be like an introspective journal of my experiences, past and present. I’m going to be very candid. I won’t sugar coat anything because life is butterflies and rainbows and also rotting flora and fauna and earthquakes and tornadoes. Life is like a pizza. Sometimes it has pineapple on it. For some, that’s the best thing since before sliced bread (or most favorite food of choice) and for others, it’s a sign that World War 3 and the end of days is upon us.

Perspective is everything.

Be well.

Featured Image: Photo by Me, Borestone Mountain, 2018.